Sunday, April 5, 2009

Driving Across South Dakota

Fortunately my husband came along with me to the South Dakota wedding and did most of the driving, well probably all of it! He is so good like that. We made a little side trip out of our days not dedicated to the wedding. For the most part there is not a lot to see along I-90 across South Dakota, it's very brown in March. Until you hit Rapid City, there's not much going on. There is however this hauntingly beautiful quality about the landscape. I just kept thinking about how people ever decided to stop there and start a family.

We drove through the Badlands and into Interior, a town in the Badlands, population 67! Very desolate. We needed to find something to eat so we managed to wrangle some stuff up at the tiny little grocery store (being we're both vegetarian this was a little more difficult). We found some tortillas and a tomato and mustard packets and we had some cheese in the car and some chips and we set out to have a little pic-nick in the church park. Quite nice. It was so quite there, there weren't any airplanes flying overhead, no cars passing by, and no people, well maybe 4 that we could see. I felt like we were on another planet!

We eventually arrived in Rapid City to find that there was a highschool basketball tournament going on that weekend and that one of the teams was staying on our floor, in the rooms right next to ours. We were a little concerned at first, but they proved to be well behaved and dedicated players.

On our way out of town after the wedding we first had to take a trip to Wyoming so that we could collect another State magnet (we collect magnets of all of the states that we travel to together). We visited Devils Tower and drove through more hauntingly beautiful landscape, but we couldn't stay long as there were reports of a nasty snow storm headed our way. We took a nice drive through the Black Hills and then high-tailed it out of there! The Black Hills area is beautiful! I wish we could've stayed there longer. Another time! I've posted some of the photos from our journey below.

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